The Word of God Transforms Lives

Just Word's Story

Just Word was founded on the bases of Proverbs 4:7, with all thy getting, get understanding. There is so much false doctrine in the world today. A lot of people have no idea what to believe or the difference between the truth and a lie. What we present to you at Just Word is based solely on the Word of God. We have an urgency because Amos 8:11 tells us, there is a famine on the way. This is a famine of hearing of the Word of God.

It’s time out for fluff and opinions. It’s time for the Word of God to become the central focus in the life of God’s people. Listen to these testimonies about how the Word of God mixed with faith has transformed lives.

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Powerful Testimonies

“The Word has impacted my life from birth until now. I study it and it teaches me…  – Evangelist Felicia Burke | Just Word Network Member

“I was told that the Word of God was lifeline. Now it has become apart of me… ”  – Elder Timothy Thomas | Just Word Network Member

“As I look through and study the Word of God it shows me how to go about every situation…”  – Dayon Gill| Just Word Network Member

“The Word jumped off the page and became apart of me that the Word of God said I could have…”  – Rhonda Jackson | Just Word Network Member

“It really opened up a deeper understanding, and from there I am on a whole new level in the Word of God…”  – Pastor Derrick Miller | Just Word Network Member

“The Word picked me up, kept my mind, and kept me going in the right path…”  – Min. Felicia Williams | Just Word Network Member

“This Word can reach anybody, wherever they are; whatever situation they are in…”  – Min. Chris Roberts | Just Word Network Member

“The Word of God became real to me! I begin to see it work! I seen it in action…”  – Min. Jaclyn Dunn | Just Word Network Member

“I love the Word of God because it is Him! There is no other book you can read that comes to life like God’s Word does.”  – Robert Pitts | Just Word Network Member

“The Word of God gives me step by step instructions on how to conduct my life…”  – Min. Jazmyn Cheese | Just Word Network Member

“The mere fact that I am standing here today is proof that God’s Word is real…”  – Min. Ryan Ware | Just Word Network Member

“Every-time I go to God’s Word it changes me. He breathes life back into me….”  – Faith Morgan | Just Word Network Member

“The Word of God has made me a new creature, to the point that I don’t even recognize who I am compared to who I used to be 15 years ago… ”  – Bethany Fields | Just Word Network Member

“It wasn’t until I turned 23 years old, that I was filled with the Holy Ghost and understanding of God’s Word…..”  – Wyane Rogers | Just Word Network Member

Meet our Amazing Staff

Timothy M. Harris


“The Word is that part of God that is most important to Him, and it is most important to me. Those who know me, know I take the Word of God serious. It is a valued treasure to me….” 


Latisha Campbell


“God’s Word has changed my life. It guides my actions, governs my responses, sets my course of actions, and is leading me through life’s journey. There is nothing greater then the Word of God! I absolutely love it!”