Watch Your Mouth: Interactive Workbook

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Watch Your Mouth is a 21-Day Interactive Workbook that answers the question, “What would a wise man say?” It addresses the power of the tongue, scriptural dos and don’ts, the mouths of different types of people, and Biblical instructions for conflict and contention. Each day includes:

  • Food for Thought – encouragement and explanation for the daily topic
  • Focus Scriptures – references in Proverbs and throughout the Bible to help you dig in
  • Focus Definitions – a chart to note key terms, Strong’s Numbers, definitions, and more
  • Study Notes – a lined section to write down your lessons, key points, questions, and more
  • Reflection Questions – personal application to examine how the topic relates to you and plan your next steps to apply it to your life
  • Engaging Activities – fun opportunities like matching, crossword puzzles, true or false, and more to review the main points and strengthen comprehension

It is a life-changing study for anyone desiring to walk and TALK with wisdom. The printed version is a full color, bound resource. Get yours today!

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This 21-day interactive workbook will revolutionize what you say, what you don’t say, and how you handle conflict!

  • Exciting activities – crosswords, matching, true-false, & more
  • QR codes & notes sections for 3 engaging full-length classes
  • Daily focus scriptures, definitions, and food for thought
  • Before & after self-evaluation & 14 fun challenges
  • Compare your words to 5 types of people in scripture
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9 reviews for Watch Your Mouth: Interactive Workbook

  1. Felicia Williams (verified owner)

  2. jeri turner (verified owner)

  3. James Johnson (verified owner)

    This books has made me so quiet when it comes to listening to God and my responses to people that may have done me wrong. It keeps me from saying things that are not benefiting the kingdom of God.

  4. Vickie Turner

    Words do have power! Understand more fully why the Bible tells us to study to quiet. A lot of times we speak out based on feelings & not what God has said about that situation, person or circumstance. Trying to practice this.. you just can’t speak your mind or give people a “piece” of you our mind.. if what u you oh speak doesn’t heal or edify: KEEP UOUR MOUTH SHUT IN JESUS NAME!

  5. Linda Slater

    Living in the Last Days was very enlightening and a blessing to increase my knowledge for the word of God. This is the first class I have taken but I’m very excited about taking more.

  6. Charissa A. Lacey (verified owner)

    My Lord, after completing this challenge, I feel more empowered and disciplined with how to guard my mouth. The scriptures used showed me just how important it is to guard your tongue (mouth)

  7. Betty Watson (verified owner)

    I needed every lesson in this challenge. It empowered me how to choose my words more careful. I didn’t realize the many scriptures concerning guarding your mouth. Saying the appropriate things is important to God and how we respond to what is said to us is even more important. I thank the Lord for providing us with His Word that we may be the Champions he is calling us to be.

  8. Jael Carnell

    Watch. Your. Mouth!!! This book has been a serious help/blessing to my life! I didn’t know that I could learn SO much about myself in just three weeks! “Who do you sound like?” “Do’s and don’ts” and “Conflict and Contention” all spoke to my life and helped shine a light on some areas that I did not know needed help! Proverbs 13:3 really stuck with me throughout this study plan and it has helped me better control the things that I allow to come out of my mouth! This book is a great resource, and if you purchase with the intent of really allowing yourself to see the real you in it, I’m sure that you will be just as blessed as I am! #WatchYourMouth

  9. Felicia Williams (verified owner)

    Establishing this habit of being more mindful of the things I say has helped me be a better me! What I love is I can go back and reference and move at a pace that I can get understanding and not have to be rushed!

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