Living in the Last Days: A Course on the End Times


Each Lesson Includes

  • Topical Study with Notes​

    12 lessons include an includes in an interactive study on how to live in the end times.

  • Live Online Classes
    5 Live Classes every Thursday @ 8 PM EST. We’ll cover different topics as they relate to the end times.​

  • Scripture Support​
    Take a deep dive into the scriptures that include study notes and cross-references.​
  • Real-Life Application​
    See how the Scriptures unfold in your day-to-day life. Look at current events to apply the Word.​
  • Critical Thinking Q&A​
    Get a greater understanding of what God expects from you in these last and evil days.​
  • Scriptural Cross-References​
    See how scripture supports scripture. As you study make connections throughout the topics and Bible.​

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5 Online Classes | 12 Interactive Lessons

Do you want to learn about living in the last days and better understand the end times? You are not alone, and we created this study for you. It consists of 5 online classes with 12 interactive lessons for personal study. To get the most out of it, pray, watch, and study the content in order.

  • Join the classes LIVE on Thursdays at 8 pm EST on the date listed below, or you can watch the replay and review at your own pace at
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  • Do you have any questions? Email! We want to help!

Everything changes, but His Word remains forever. Let’s learn, love, and live it in the last days!


Class 1: The Last Days: What Is Going On? (Live 10/1/20)
Week 1: Living In The Last Days

  1. Perilous Times
  2. Which Spirit Are You Following?
  3. Mockers, Scoffers, and False Prophet

Class 2: The Rapture vs. The Second Coming (Live 10/8/20)
Week 2: Jesus Is Coming

  1. The Promise of His Coming
  2. Wake Up! Look Up!
  3. Are You Ready?

Class 3: The Final Timeline: What Happens Next? (Live 10/15/20)
Week 3: What Should I Be Doing Now?

  1. Be Holy
  2. Get To Work Now
  3. Go Through Right

Class 4: Get In The Ark: Lessons from Noah (Live 10/22/20)
Week 4: The Example of Noah

  1. The Days of Noah
  2. The Faith of Noah
  3. The Salvation of Noah

Class 5: Don’t Be Deceived! (Live 10/29/20)

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