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Living in the Last Days


Truth Still Stands


Wisdom in Real-Life


Wisdom of Proverbs


Watch Your Mouth


30 Day Challenge

About the Books

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Partner Challenges

Studying & Learning Together

Best Workbooks for Partners:

Studying the word of God is amazing, but doing it with a group is so exciting! Connect with your family, friends, church, or community and dig into the Word of God together.
Wisdom In Real Life & The 30 Day Challenge are perfect for group challenges. 
Spend time studying the Scriptures and encouraging one another, learning from one another, and growing together. With all thy getting, get understanding.

Go Deeper and Deeper

Build a Habit of Studying the Word

Workbooks for Accountability:

Studying God’s Word is vital to our Christian lives. These study plans make it easy to study daily. They are designed as a course that you can revisit day by day. 

See your life through God's eyes

Be Transformed by the Word of God

Workbooks for Life-Application:

Life is full of decisions. But the best decision that could ever be made is to seek God for His understanding. These study plans will help you understand the word of God and how to apply it in your life.

be strong in the Lord

Be Uplifted & Inspired

Best Workbooks for Encouragement:

Faith will take you farther than your vision ever will! Trusting God and walking by faith is what we as Christians do! Build up your faith in the Word of God and powerful testimonies of what God can do. These series are must-haves! 

Search the scripture for yourself

With all thy getting, get understanding!

Workbooks for Learning:

These series are absolutely powerful! You will dig into the Word of God and connect scriptures to scriptures like never before. We have to understand God’s Word enough to share it. You will fall in love with these workbooks and use them time and time again!

There is something for everyone We Know You're Going to Love it!

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