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Living in The last Days A Course on the End Times

Learn how to live in the last days and what the Bible teaches about the end times!

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Learn about The Last Days from the Bible perspective

Living in the Last Days

A course on the End Times

5 Online Classes | 12 interactive Lessons

Topical Study with Notes

Each of the 12 lessons include an interactive study on how to live in the end times.

Live Online Classes

5 Live Classes every Thursday @ 8 PM EST. We'll cover different topics as they relate to the end times.

Scripture Support

Take a deep dive into the scriptures that include study notes and cross-references.

Real-Life Application

See how the Scriptures unfold in your day-to-day life. Look at current events to apply the Word.

Critical Thinking Q&A

Get a greater understanding of what God expects from you in these last and evil days.

Scriptural Cross-References

See how scripture supports scripture. As you study make connections throughout the topics and Bible.

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