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Charts & Outlines

Just Word Ministries is committed to offering quality, in-depth and thorough study material that will cause your Bible study time to be fruitful and enriching. All documents are built from the King James Version Bible, as it is the version that is most closely translated from the original text. 

Charts and outlines may only be used for educational purposes. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for study guides, please feel free to contact us. 

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Biblical Charts

The original language of the Old Testament is Hebrew. Each letter was drawn as a picture known as a pictograph. 

This chart includes the order, value, name, pictograph, English transliteration, and meaning of every letter.

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“Hebrew & Greek Chart”


The New Testament brings to life the pictures that were painted in the Old Testament. It makes manifest both God’s Man of salvation and God’s plan of salvation. Here are helpful hints that will help you extract all the richness that is in the Old Testament so you can better understand the New Testament.

Hebrew hints page1

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ebrew Hints Outline”


Study Outlines

Some verbs in scripture are not as they appear. This worksheet defines different verbs in St. John 1 from a Biblical Greek perspective. This outline is designed to aid you during your study time. This document is KJV based and coupled with the webinar  “The Identity of God – Part 4”.

John 1 Verbs Worksheet

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John 1 Worksheet”

Man is made up of more than what your eyes can see. Along with our body, God gave us a spirit and a soul. This worksheet breaks down God’s meaning of each part. This Biblical document is designed to build your understanding of the trichotomy of man and God’s intent for each part. This document is KJV based. the TRICHOTOMY of man worksheet

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