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Just Word Ministries is so awesome. You get just what it says. JUST WORD! No gimmicks, no opinions, no tricks. Actual WORD from a dynamic master Teacher and you can ask questions and follow along. Gain understanding no matter your age or education level! I’ve learned so much with Just Word Ministries!
Felicia Williams Just Word Network Subscriber
I love Just Word Ministries! SO much teaching given in short videos! A great add on to any study routine and a great start for those who have never studied.
Faith MorganJust Word Network Subscriber
If you want the word of God in its purest form, this is the place to be. Pastor Harris has an excellent teaching method for beginners and experienced Christians alike. So if you’re just curious or if you need a deeper understanding of who God is and what he wants for you I highly recommend you take a listen.
John JordanJust Word Network Subscriber
I recommend this ministry because it is solely based only on the word of God. It is not based off an opinion. There are various tools such as Greek and Hebrew teachings available to enhance your learning abilities. You will walk away with a greater understanding.
Rhonda Ramona JacksonJust Word Network Subscriber
The Word of truth rightly divided, and understanding given through the office of teaching.
Jazmyn CheeseJust Word Network Subscriber
Great resource if you want to gain a better understanding of the Word of God.
Bethany FieldsJust Word Network Subscriber
The unfiltered TRUTH! for those who are seeking Just Word Ministries points you to the WAY! the TRUTH!! and the LIFE!!!
Robert PittsJust Word Network Subscriber
True biblical teachings!!
Wendy MaeJust Word Network Subscriber
Great Bible Teachings of Truth in Salvation.
Wynne Dion Berry Sr.Just Word Network Subscriber
Just Word Ministries is exactly that, Just Word. It is the unadulterated truth of the Word of God taught in such a way that even the youngest child can understand it. Undoubtedly​, Pastor Tim Harris is amazing!
Pamela Renay Judge-BrownJust Word Network Subscriber
If you want to take your Bible study time to a whole new level, understand what you’re reading and why certain words were used, and learn a more profound definition of the original language, join this ministry! It has opened my understanding of God’s word.
Vickie TurnerJust Word Network Subscriber

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