About Us

Word Focused, Word Centered, Word Driven

Our Profile

Just Word Ministries is a Christian organization founded with the goal of getting the Word of God everywhere. We are focused on supplying quality, comprehensive, scripturally sound books, literature, charts, outlines, videos, and interactive resources and material to aid learners of all ages and backgrounds who desire to grow in God’s Word.

This ministry strives to break down the scriptures and help anyone studying individually, in groups, or at church grow in their understanding of the Bible. We want to enable and motivate followers of Jesus Christ to study, explain and obey the Word with faith and confidence.

The Need for Teaching Sound Doctrine

Amos 8:11-12 speaks of a day when there would be “a famine in the land, not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD: And they shall wander from sea to sea and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.” These words have come to life as spiritual issues, Bible questions, and even church practices are often shaped by personal opinions, long-standing customs, popular trends, and subjective interpretations. More than ever, we need the Word of the Lord with nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing changed — JUST WORD!

Service, Quality & Value

Just Word Ministries was established to provide a solution in this day for anyone seeking God’s Word. Psalm 68:11 sums it up well: “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” We aim to publish the Word of God however God leads including: 
  1. Life-Changing Books and Teachings
  2. Eye-Opening Webinars and Videos
  3. Workbooks, Notes, and Resources
  4. Biblical Q&A, Doctrinal FAQs, and Study Tips

JWM Scriptures

“The Word is that part of God that is most important to Him, and it is most important to me. Those who know me, know I take the Word of God serious. It is a valued treasure to me…”                                                                                 -Timothy M. Harris

01. Founded in 2018

Just Word Ministries was founded at the leading of the Lord in 2018 by Timothy M. Harris – pastor of Turning Point Family Worship Center in Indianapolis, Indiana and a highly sought-after Bible teacher whose ministry has reached millions around the world through radio, television, books, and the internet and in churches, prisons, conferences, and camps. Just Word Ministries was created as a publishing and teaching ministry to continue this work.

02. Mission Statement

Our mission is to publish the unadulterated truth of God’s Word throughout the world.

03. Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a source for applicable, sound, systematic, timeless, and transformative Bible teaching. We aim to equip churches, organizations, ministers, and all who desire to break down the doctrine. We want everyone connected to Just Word to get more understanding of the Word of God.

04. Passion & Dedication

Passion runs in the roots of every Just Word staff and network members alike. We have an unyielding love for the Word of God. We understand that it is God’s Word that, when mixed with faith, can transform lives. We are dedicated and driven to spread the good news of Jesus Christ all across the world.

05. Future Projects

We have so many excited things ahead! Down the road, we plan to publish additional books in English and Spanish, offer eBooks, audio books, and an app, host workshops around the country, and support the spreading of the Word internationally. Join the network to be a part of the journey!

06. Partnership

It is our desire to connect with churches, foundations, schools, ministries, mission groups, and any organization that aims to spread the Gospel and teach and preach the Word of God. We can provide materials, trainings, workshops, and resources. If you desire for Just Word to be part of your program, please contact us.

Meet our Amazing Staff

Timothy M. Harris


“The Word is that part of God that is most important to Him, and it is most important to me. Those who know me, know I take the Word of God serious. It is a valued treasure to me….” 


Latisha Campbell


“I love the Word of God! The Word IS God! It allows me to know God for myself and helps me please Him. It teaches me what He wants. The Word of God has fought for me and been my peace. It has guided me, kept me, corrected me, and strengthened me through every season of my life. I am so grateful that God gave us His WORD!”

Danielle Arnold

Marketing & Support

“The Word of God is my life line. I have learned who God is through His Word. I have seen His power and His mighty hand through His Word. It is the pure unadulterated Word of God that keep me everyday of my life! I love His Word! I have learned to trust and lean on nothing but the Word of God.”