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2022 Christmas Gift Guide

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2022 Christmas Gift Guide

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones in your friend group, family, ministry, or church? Do you need a Bible study resource for yourself or others to use in the new year? We have some exciting and affordable options in our store and special ready-to-give holiday kits, so we created this Christmas Gift Guide with ideas and suggestions for you!

And if you’re shopping on a budget, take advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY and SALES for free prizes and major discounts!

Top Recommendation This Year: Just Word Holiday Kits

Are you ready for the Perfect Christmas gift that makes shopping EASY?! The Holiday Kits are READY-TO-GIVE custom-wrapped gift boxes that include everything needed to conveniently give someone what they need to start or continue studying (watch this unboxing!). All kits include:

  • Pre-wrapped Gift Box
  • 1-5 Book(s) and/or study plan(s) of your choice
  • Large custom Bible pouch
  • Daily study tracker
  • Scripture of the week sticky pad
  • Quick reference bookmark
  • Encouraging postcard
  • Post-it notebook with 6 options
  • Just Word pen & highlighter 

You have three Holiday kits to choose from — the Fresh Start Kit, the Wisdom Kit, and the Build Your Own Kit — and each option is meaningful, ready-to-give, and affordable, starting at only $24.99 (with daily discount options)! If you pick the Build Your Own Kit, keep scrolling for which resources to include in the perfect gift!

Best Gifts for Daily Accountability & Habit Building

Studying God’s Word is vital to our Christian lives and spiritual growth, yet often we don’t do it regularly. These study plans make it easy to be like the Bereans and search the scriptures daily (Acts 17:11). Watch Your Mouth (21 days), the 30 Day Challenge, Truth Still Stands (28 days), and The Wisdom of Proverbs (31 days) all guide you through the Word of God with an “assignment” or daily material to dig into as you build the powerful habit of spending time in the Word of God consistently.

Best Gifts for Encouragement & Motivation

Ready to help inspire and uplift others? Need encouragement for the place you’re in yourself? Trusting God is what we do as Christians!

Best Gifts for Children and Teens

Are you shopping for a young person? Our resources can be used independently by youth over 10 years old (and even younger with adult support!) but there are a few we highly recommend and have seen great success when used with children and teens. The 30 Day Challenge was used by children in Uganda as each day they had something to read, something to answer, and something to do. The Mother Boyd book is a great collection of powerful testimonies that encourage faith at any age. The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches can help any pre-teen or teen examine where they are in God and how they can grow. We’d also recommend the Build Your Own Kit with any of these books (or others) to give them all the tools to build the right habits in the New Year. Give the young people in your life the greatest gift: The Word of God!

Best Gifts to Use With Friends, Family, or Groups

Studying the word of God is amazing, but doing it with a group is extra exciting! Connect with your family, friends, church, or community and dig into the Word of God together. We recommend Wisdom In Real Life: Partner Challenge (dealing with practical life issues), The Evaluation: A Study of the 7 Churches, Watch Your Mouth Interactive Workbook, or Pursue God’s Purpose for this goal! Spend time discussing the Scriptures, encouraging each other, and learning from one another so you all can apply it and grow together!

Best Gifts for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding

Ready to learn? With The Wisdom of Proverbs, Living in the Last Days: A Course on the End Times, or the popular Born of Water: The Bible Truth on Water Baptism (and Companion Workbook), or the Wisdom Holiday Kit (with 3 powerful studies), you or your loved one can dig into the Word of God and connect scriptures to scriptures like never before. We have to know God’s word enough to live it and understand it enough to share it. You will fall in love with these books and workbooks and use them time and time again! So much to learn – the hard (or fun) part is picking where to start!

Best Gifts for Transformation & Life Application

Need a fresh start and ready for some change? Life is full of decisions, but the best decision that could ever be made is to seek God’s Word for His understanding and then put it into practice. The 30 Day Challenge (all about prioritizing your relationship with God), Wisdom In Real Life (exploring decisions, social circles, finances, and work habits), Watch Your Mouth, and Pursue God’s Purpose are study plans that will help you understand the word of God and how to apply it in real life so you can do it the Bible way and get Bible results. They all provide practical challenges to DO so you can implement what you’re studying. The Word of God (when obeyed) is literally life-changing!

Best Gifts for Living Victoriously in Perilous Times

Over the last few years, it is apparent there has been a lot going on that has touched our world, our communities, and our hearts. The Word of God can help us deal with our emotions, the end times, and everything in between. Truth Still Stands: A Study Plan For Difficult Times is a perfect gift for all who have faced challenges or changes in their life or heart this year as it grounds them in the Word of God, eternal perspective, and who God is. Living in the Last Days: A Course on the End Times is an excellent study tool for anyone who wants to understand the perilous times we live in, what we should be doing now, and what to expect next. Defeat the Devil: A Study of the Armour of God gives practical understanding of the tools God gives us to WIN! Pursue God’s Purpose helps you stay focused and walk in God’s calling no matter what around us choose to do.

Comment with any questions! We’re happy to help you as you choose ideal resources to bless others or equip yourself during this holiday season and going into the new year!

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