…with all thy getting, get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7

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Powerful Study Plans

Is studying the Bible challenging but you want to learn more? We have the perfect plans for you!
Enjoy the study plans by yourself or with a group. These resources are designed to help you grow and learn.


Philippians Chapter Study

When it comes to studying the Word of God and the richness that comes from searching the Scriptures, the book of Philippians is an excellent place to start. This power-packed book will encourage, strengthen, inspire, and even challenge you! We have put together a series of worksheets that will help aid you in your study. Outlining chapter by chapter, these worksheets will be a great resource in enriching your study time.


The Evaluation

A study Plan on the 7 Churches. As you evaluate each church, you evaluate yourself. To see yourself through God’s eyes is powerful! Download or purchase yours today!

30 days of Thankfulness

It’s been a rough year, but yet God’s Word commands us to remain thankful! Skyrocket your thankfulness by taking the 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge! Download it for free or text “thankful30” to 22999. Get yours today.

Living in the Last Days

It consists of 5 online classes with 12 interactive lessons for personal study. To get the most out of it, pray, watch, and study the content in order.

Wisdom in Real Life

This study on wisdom is not only to learn the Word; it’s also to DO it. Each topic is considered a “Mission” with four checkpoints or shorter assignments to help you dig into the topic and then take action. 

Watch Your Mouth

Be inspired each day with topic based food for thought, that will motivate you while you study. Deep-dive into how the Scriptures can impact your life on a personal level.

30 Day Challenge

Put the word into action by finishing this 30-day plan that will motivate, encourage, and strengthen your walk with God.

"Do it the Bible Way. Get the Bible Results."

More Word, More Faith, More Miracles, Signs & Wonders

about the book

Born of Water is an exciting and enduring resource on Water Baptism! Learn the Bible truth on this key topic with this book and the companion workbook.


The Word of God is LIFE and it can change YOUR life! Hear testimonies from Just Word Network members about what God has done for them through His Word!

Bible Q&A

We ALL have questions but the Word of God has answers! Read past questions and study the Biblical response! We want to help you grow in understanding!

Bible Facts

Did you know? Learn some amazing Bible facts in these exciting video clips! There are a variety of topics and you'll want to watch them all!​


Join us for this awesome LIVE webinar teaching on Monday evenings at 9 pm EST! Past webinar videos, notes, and fun quizzes are available to review!

Charts & Outlines

It's STUDY TIME! Download these free Biblical outlines and Hebrew / Greek charts to use as a resource to dig into the Word of God! Get understanding!

Get Understanding

Born of Water will equip you with the tools to explain water baptism to anyone you meet. This easy to read book is packed with knowledge & understanding.

Thorough & In-depth

Born of Water answers 20 frequently asked questions about Baptism from a scriptural perspective. No commentary here!

Examine the Scriptures

Born of Water covers the examples of baptism in the Old Testament & New Testament. It walks you through every baptism in the entire Bible​

Born of Water:

The Bible Truth on Water Baptism

Interactive & Engaging

The Born of Water workbook is an interactive and engaging resource. It greatly enhances your personal study time .

Perfect for Classes

The workbook helps you get more understanding as you read the book. It is perfect for a class on doctrine or baptism.

For Learners of all Ages

The workbook equips you to effectively explain Water Baptism The workbook, full of a variety of activities, works for different ages.

Get Understanding

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the Book of


Chapter Study