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If you are looking for personal or group bible study plans and will strengthen your faith and secure your walk with God, then we have the perfect resources for you! Each study plan is designed to be scripture rich, interactive, and life applicable so that you can live out the scripture on a daily basis. Check out all the study plans now! group Bible study plans that will strengthen

  • Pursue God's Purpose Study Plan

    Pursue God's Purpose

    Pursue God’s Purpose: This 10-step action plan is for those who are determined to fulfill God’s calling for their lives. LEARN MORE

  • Watch Your Mouth

    Be inspired for 21 days with scripture, interactive worksheets, and practical application to apply wisdom to what you say, conflict, and how you interact with othersl. LEARN MORE

  • Wisdom of Proverbs

    The Wisdom of Proverbs is a study plan made with you in mind. We created this Reading and Review Workbook so as you go through this book of the Bible you have a resource to aid you. LEARN MORE

  • Truth Still Stands

    This Study will lift your spirit! Enjoy a Biblical source of hope, comfort, and encouragement during challenging times. LEARN MORE

  • 30 Days of Thankfulness

    Grow in gratitude! With daily challenges and scriptures, become more thankful, increase your contentment, and gain perspective. LEARN MORE

  • 30 day Challenge

    Put the word into action by finishing this 30-day plan that will motivate, encourage, and strengthen your walk with God. LEARN MORE

  • Wisdom in Real Life

    Use this partner challenge to find out what the Bible says about decisions, social connections, finances, and work habits then immediately apply wisdom to your life! LEARN MORE

  • Seven Churches Study

    A Study Plan on the 7 Churches in Asia. As you evaluate each church, you evaluate yourself. To see yourself through God’s eyes is powerful! LEARN MORE

  • Living in the Last Days

    Learn about the end times we live in with 6 online classes with 12 interactive lessons for personal study, prayer, and consideration. LEARN MORE

  • Philippians Chapter Study

    When it comes to studying the Word of God and the richness that comes from searching the Scriptures, the book of Philippians is an excellent place to start. LEARN MORE

He's the Master of every Situation

The Life and Faith of Mother Boyd

Mother Boyd was a woman of great faith. Through her ministry, many were healed of sicknesses and diseases. This book will build your faith in God.

Born of Water: The Bible Truth on Water Baptism

Hardcover Book & Companion Workbook

Born of Water The Bible Truth on Water Baptism
Born of Water breaks the mold in addressing Water Baptism. Using extensive scripture combined with analysis of the original languages and historical research, Born of Water answers those hard questions!
  • The Jesus Series

    Coming Soon

  • Christ & The Anointing

    3 excellent lessons on Christ & The Anointing. Are you anointed? What is it? And how do you become anointed? Check this out! LEARN MORE

  • Identity of God

    4 powerful lessons that discuss who God is and His oneness! He can be anything He wants to be and never stop being God! Watch today! LEARN MORE

  • Bible 101

    2 insightful lessons that talk about the Bible as the Word of God and commonly asked questions! Know what God's book is all about. Check this out! LEARN MORE

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    Search and find answers to common Bible questions in our content library! Submit yours too!


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